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Lic. Accupuncturist and TCM. NCCAOM Certified
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Health Tips:

Is certainly not news to anyone that this has been a difficult season for
our immune systems.
I have noticed that the flues, colds and respiratory
infections have been taking a while to heal
and further last longer than

Patients come in and usually heal quite well, however these viruses are
lingering in the body. People recover and feel significantly better but
maybe a small cough or sore throat continue to be present.
Viruses and bacteria
mutate at a fast pace, they are getting stronger due
to the overuse of antibiotics, antibacterial soaps
, creams etc.

My recommendations are:

*Use regular soap and wash your hands frequently.
*Continue using the Nettie pot and nasal rinses with sea salt and distilled
water at least once a day.
*Do water gargles with salt followed by gargles with antibacterial mouth
*consult your acupuncturist or herbalist and ask if you need  to take
additional herbs to support your immune system.

*Do not stop the suggestions above until you feel you have clear
completely any signs or symptoms.
*A good tea to consume to boost your immunity as well as treat sore
throats or onset of colds is:
1 cup of hot water
2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar (organic)
1 tbsp of local honey
mixed and consume as warm as possible
*Epson salt baths are ideal to stay warm and relax your body

Stay healthy!

Deyba Fajardo