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Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog

Recent years of the Dog are: 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982,
1994, 2006, 2018

On February 16th we celebrated the year of the Dog, this year the
element is earth, this means a year where being communicative,
serious and responsible in life and work is available to us.
Overall message for this year is to
"Be loyal to our destiny"

Men born in the Dog year are straightforward and genuine. They
are energetic, though they’re more pessimistic inside.

Very opinionated, they’re always ready to correct others and
defend their stance. It’s not that they want to show off. They just
feel it’s necessary to help others realize their mistakes.

These men care deeply for their family. Their stubbornness fades
in the face of their loved ones. They work to understand and
compromise, resulting in a harmonious family life.

Women born in the Dog year are very cautious. They are
indifferent towards people they don’t like, and don’t trust easily. But
once they do, it’s permanent. They are intensely protective of their
friends and family.

They are genial and independent. They love outdoor activities and
being in nature. However, they are also hard workers and don’t
give up until they succeed. Security and a stable income are her
requirements for a career.